Weddings decoration ideas trends which expected in 2016 We saw many trends of Weddings 2015 on Insta

Weddings decoration ideas trends which expected in 2016

Weddings decoration ideas trends which expected in 2016

We saw many trends of Weddings 2015 on Instagram and Twitter and other social media sites. There is no doubt that the trends of the upcoming wedding gives you an idea about the creativity that will come in 2016! Here are the most predictable in 2016:

Weddings decoration ideas
Weddings decoration ideas

Weddings decoration ideas

Metal wedding cards
Brides used engraved tin silver paper, of stamping letters, in order to integrate modern gloss element to their wedding cards. It is already expected to be golden and copper shades of the most demanding in 2016.

Music and live entertainment

The “DJ” became a thing of the past, thanks to the entertainment bands, singers and musicians from the piano and rhythm guitarists, and orchestra who can help to give a touch of excellency to the atmosphere of today.

Providing food and cocktail receptions stations
With the fact that weddings are focusing on being as a party, it is not surprising that more and more couples weeded less formal options for dinner, such as stations , to give a concert impression as a “cocktail hour” throughout the whole night, filled with foods and sweets appetite , and gourmet food, and all the options that can be used with modern touch.

Weddings decoration ideas

Feathers Magic 
Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress will be an event is easier than ever, thanks to the growing fashion for feathers, after the designers began incorporating feathers elements of traditional dress, such as covering the lower part of the dress with feathers, for the extra touch, or the use of feathers, to add elements of non-traditional, which entitles you easily to wearing it again.

Wedding cake without Accessories
If the thought of giving up the traditional wedding cake is rejected, this fashion in decking (or lack of decorating the cake) will continue the hard way into the new year. It includes the two sides not to decorate sugar paste, and the selection of natural flowers instead.

Weddings decoration ideas

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