Top 5 reasons of using multi colors in your wedding day

Top 5 reasons of using multi colors in your wedding day
Although you may really like one color, you may need to choose more than one color on your wedding day. and specifically three or four, because this will not just easy the day for you , but it will also be more attractive and elegant day. And if you still confused, here are some of the reasons that may help you on it.

multi colors in your wedding day

multi colors in your wedding day

1. The wedding pictures will be more beautiful
Because the wedding pictures are the only thing that will last after the most important day on your life, it is imperative to give great attention to these pictures . And from here, we should know that colors is large component and has an important role in these pictures.

2. Invitation cards would be attractive
Invitation cards are always the first impression that guests takes from the wedding party, it must express your style. Enter on the cards your equal colors , which will give your invitee an idea about your wedding type whether officially or semi-formal, or even modern.

3. You will have a wide option of roses
You may can depend on flowers coordinator in related of roses even your personal roses package. However, if you choose more than one color during the preparation for the wedding ceremony, the theme will be much more easy , and you may manage yourself to choose flowers that best for you.

multi colors in your wedding day

4. Make the choice of clothing is easier to those close to you
As your friends and parents and relatives take a long time searching for best clothes that they are going to wear in your wedding. As they know the colors and theme of your wedding,  they will get greater diversity of opportunities in their choice of clothes to wear on your wedding party.

5. getting more dramatic appearance on your party
When your invitee come into your wedding party , they will see a variety of colors that are reflected in the design style . For this reason, if you choose a certain color, and added to it some of the same color gradients, these colors can be used in the decor , tables’ covers , lightnings and napkins.

multi colors in your wedding day