The best ways to preserve your wedding dress after the wedding After the wedding is over, it will be

The best ways to preserve your wedding dress after the wedding

The best ways to preserve your wedding dress after the wedding

After the wedding is over, it will be very easy to you to forget your wedding dress that you have spent months  looking for it. But if you intend to keep it for your daughter, for example, or do you intend to sell it and take advantage of its price later, you should follow some steps to avoid any harm or damage. In other words, to keep up on dress of your most beautiful nights , do not fall in the following errors:

preserve your wedding dress

preserve your wedding dress 

It’s clear that the cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress on the right ways, do not have the priorities of the bride after the wedding ending. But it wait a long time with stubborn stains, would destroy your dress and the chance to continue for another bride. Sweating stains can become permanent and non-removable. The best solutions, do not wait more than a month to clean up the dress.

Some Brides try clean the white dress clear spots by themselves . But the truth is, even if it work, it will, sure, leave some clear circle and spots, which will become worse and will not be able to clean, especially fatty ones, as lipsticks, for example.

preserve your wedding dress 

It may be a little expensive, but you must choose a known place to clean your dress. Some places do not pay attention to the hidden spots, which go back and appear later in a grotesque.

 Don’t keep your dress in its plastic bag, Do you know that if the dress still in its basic plastic bag, it will be subjected to the worst kind of environmental soiling: Smoke plastic. This smoke causes yellowing of the dress with the time. For this, you must store your dress in a content, that does not contain acids and protect it from light and air.

Never hang your wedding dress as you hanging other ordinary dresses, such as of the shoulders, and Always use tape that is attached to the sides of the dress from the inside, because if you hanged from its shoulders, some fabrics may stretch or tear as is the case of perforated cloth.

Don’t store it in the basement or attic, Because it is extremely hot places on the dress.

preserve your wedding dress

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