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List of the most appropriate exercises for pregnant women


List of the most appropriate exercises for pregnant women Pregnancy does not prevent you from practicing your normal life as stated before , it is not a disease or health exhibitors, you just need to meet it with more health, fitness and attention to your body and your baby at the same time. appropriate …

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Meals which can be dangerous during pregnancy

Meals which can

Meals which can be dangerous during pregnancy, There are masses of articles presenting pregnancy-related advice, in particular regarding what is safe to eat. The hormonal modifications inside the frame at some stage in being pregnant motive meals cravings. But, earlier than ingesting something, you need to reflect consideration on the …

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9 foods will harm the baby during pregnancy


9 foods will harm the baby during pregnancy Food reaches the baby from the mother and so the mother must feed herself well and that you get all the vitamins and minerals and not lacking anything of it because it will affect negatively on the health of the baby and also will affect …

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10 Benefits for walking in pregnancy and childbirth


10 Benefits for walking in pregnancy and childbirth walking in pregnancy We now hear about recipes and tales that are popular in its entirety inaccurate. To find out the correct; we must consult a doctor and take his advice. Climbing stairs in the ninth month opens the uterus  It makes the …

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The effect of intercourse in pregnancy


The effect of intercourse in pregnancy Intercourse during pregnancy may annoy some woman and men too, because they believe it is possible to harm the baby. Is it really sex during pregnancy affects the baby?  Intercourse do not constitute a risk for most mothers, there is no problems until the day of birth. This does not …

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8 Tips to get a healthy pregnancy period


8 Tips to get a healthy pregnancy period healthy pregnancy Since the first day of your pregnancy, you have to you realize that you are responsible for the new guest who houses your bowels, where research has shown that the psychological case of a pregnant woman affect on the fetus, whether negatively or positively, standing confused …

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