Pregnancy melasma and methods of treatment and prevention Pregnancy melasma and Pregnancy mask, is a

Pregnancy melasma and methods of treatment and prevention

Pregnancy melasma and methods of treatment and prevention

Pregnancy melasma and Pregnancy mask, is about the hyperpigmentation of the skin, leading to the emergence of a gray or brown spots on the face, a problem that may experienced by the pregnant woman during the months of pregnancy. There are usually on the forehead and around the eyes, cheeks and upper lip.
Pregnancy melasma is  often associated with pregnancy as vertical dark mask on the abdomen (from the navel to the pubic) and pigmentation more obvious on the nipple halo .
Skin pigmentation happens often in the middle of pregnancy, between the fourth and sixth month as a result to respond skin reaction to the sun under the influence of hormones of pregnancy (increased activity or melanocytes that is responsible for pigmentation of the skin cells).

Pregnancy melasma
Pregnancy melasma

Pregnancy melasma

People exposed to infection of melasma
All pregnant women may get melasma, but women with darker skin are more likely to do so.
Since the cause of pregnancy mask (melasma) is hormones, some women who are taking oral contraceptives (containing estrogen) may notice the emergence of melasma even if not pregnant. And  those who are taking the pill increases the likelihood of injury by melasma in pregnancy in the future.

Pregnancy melasma reasons

How to get rid of the mask of pregnancy
Melasma often disappears immediately after birth. But sometimes it lasts up to 6 months after birth.
Finally, in some rare cases, the mask of pregnancy does not disappear. So can resort to removing the peel pigmentation or tri-acid combinations of chlorine (putting  a chemical called inflammatory reaction of the skin which destroys the stratum corneum of the skin) or a combination of melatonin and vitamin C.
Therefore you must visit a dermatology specialist , but You should note that the constant mask of pregnancy is difficult to remove.

Be careful! Self-tanning creams stand out melasma spots .

Pregnancy melasma treatments

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