Simple decor tricks to expand the narrow rooms spaces Are you suffer from small and narrow home room

Simple decor tricks to expand the narrow rooms spaces

Simple decor tricks to expand the narrow rooms spaces
Are you suffer from small and narrow home rooms ? Here are some tips to make it more expansion:

expand the narrow rooms spaces
expand the narrow rooms spaces

expand the narrow rooms spaces

– Adopt a paint color for the walls of the quiet and light Monochrome.
– Chose one color with its degrees , Seek the help of light blue, yellow, purple, while maintaining the ceiling of  white color to gives the desired height.

– Mirrors play a big role in giving the place a wider significantly, proven in luminous places to reflect more natural lighting of the room.
– Chose the sofa of white or gray one and you can decorate it with the colored cushions of different colors, contrasting and bold to highlight its beauty.

– Chose the carpets for the open spaces to separate couches in different parts of the house, they give a suggestion of warmth during the winter season, try to choose small sizes not large, as the large carpet will cover the entire room and as a result will narrow the space, you have the free option to choose the plain or with inscription one .

– You can decorate the plain walls with large paintings of beautiful and cheerful colors to bring attention to them instead of focusing on the  narrow place.
– When you are going to install the curtains,  please hang from the highest elevation point possible,  to expand the area of ​​the small place.

expand the narrow rooms spaces

– As for the furniture, careful to choose the chairs, beds, couches , which are containing drawers for storage process easier for you like games, books, blankets and other excess. To avoid confusion and congestion abandon the excess accessories and furniture for the purpose of providing the place and make more space.

– Lighting plays a big role in making the house seem more spacious, it  must be attractive and comfortable decor for small house. Use lighting where the spot light shining on the ceiling and give a feeling of more space inside the place, and would prefer that the lighting be of the same quality of open spaces. You can use lighting units among the furniture and walls slightly dislodge from the walls, where it contributes to the alleviation of the corners, and also be careful to choose the natural color of the lighting standards as yellow and white.

– Let the dining table and coffee table made of glass, it is important trick to make small rooms look more wider than they are .

expand the narrow rooms spaces

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