Ideas for winter living room you should try We all know that the living room is of the important pla

Ideas for winter living room you should try

Ideas for winter living room you should try

We all know that the living room is of the important places on our homes, As all the family members spend there whole time on this place, doing a lot of activity, to ensure their tight relationship between parents and kids, So we must take of its decoration details, to enjoy the comfort and relax all the time on this peaceful place.

 winter living room
winter living room

winter living room

You should to know that, there are a big deference on the decor of winter and that of summer and spring, we don’t mean to change or renew our furniture every season, but , we need to give you simple ideas or tips to add the season atmosphere upon the home to feel and live the real atmosphere, today , ” 24 for health” will provide you with simple tips or decoration ideas of the winter season upon your living room decor.

Unlike common, winter colors dependent on the living room furniture pieces of these vital that broadcast positive energy in deferral, such as: orange, red and yellow. On the other hand, replace the dirt colors, specifically brown, beige, khaki, on the carpet.

In this context, we can scattering small pieces of carpet on the “huge rags”, with the distribution of some that made of wool, to lend warmth to the place, or even put colorful pillows that manufactured  of velvet or “chamois” on chairs or couch or the floor.

winter living room  

Wonderful tips

You can mix the colors of pieces of furniture, a manner that achieves harmony between the present elements in the room, as:

The use of gray in the couch  of two-seater and chairs, with red couch with three seats. Thus, the gray will highlight red color , and vice versa.

The use of light beige with orange, or mustard yellow , as the last (mustard ) spread vital on  the atmosphere of the room. For his part, beige is breaking the severity of orange, and gives more comfort to the place.

The use of other colors from outside the winter blockbuster lineup, such as: Blue, making positive energy spread on the place, and plays a role in improving mood.

winter living room

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