8 Tips to get a healthy pregnancy period

8 Tips to get a healthy pregnancy period

healthy pregnancy
healthy pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

Since the first day of your pregnancy, you have to you realize that you are responsible for the new guest who houses your bowels, where research has shown that the psychological case of a pregnant woman affect on the fetus, whether negatively or positively, standing confused and wondering: How can I control my moods, and my negative emotions in under pressure from the life that we live?

Provide family, educational and trained women and children chancellors , the following tips for each pregnancy woman; even help them to enjoy the psychological health during pregnancy:

1 – Prepare the home conditions for the arrival of a new baby, what ‘re worrying about and how to organize your life

2 – Fill your spare time with the lovely and favorite activities ; so as not to fall prey to negative thoughts.

3 – Read books that speak about the health of pregnant woman and her unborn child, and the child-rearing and how to deal with it psychologically; also recommend that you read out for positive thinking, and dealing with people and self-confidence and the various aspects of human development.

4 – far from the idea of ​​staying at home except in special cases where the doctor asks you to rest at home, so go out to gardens.

healthy pregnancy tips

5 – Make sure that you have at home roses vase, and make a certain time a day early in the morning or before sunset to sit in the balcony and exposure to sunlight for a period that specified by your doctor.

6 – Exercise walking, they are useful to lift your mood, provided consulting your doctor.

7 – Stay away from the lonelenss, and the friends whom frustrated you and add you negative thoughts and diseases, or negative experiences with pregnancy and childbirth, children.

8- Sleep well and Awake early, and keen to  sleep about 8 hours; until you have the required time to relax and take a daily nap; in order to stay relaxed and in good health, and enjoy regular sleeping after birth.

healthy pregnancy period