Natural Treatments of the pregnancy abdomen cracks  What are the abdomen cracks ? It is simply the w

Natural Treatments of the pregnancy abdomen cracks

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Natural Treatments of the pregnancy abdomen cracks 
What are the abdomen cracks ? It is simply the white lines on the skin surface around the abdominal area, how can you treat abdomen cracks? It is worth mentioning that it may also exist in some other areas such as parts of the thighs , buttocks , arms and breasts. These lines appear as a result of the sudden changes in body size such as puberty or increased excess weight or weight loss, but the most important reasons is pregnancy and childbirth. Most pregnant women suffer from stretch marks or white lines in the abdominal area and around the hips and thighs. These white lines give a feeling of uncomfortable.  here “24 for health” offer you home remedies help to treat cracks abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth.

pregnancy abdomen cracks
pregnancy abdomen cracks

pregnancy abdomen cracks 

Get rid of the cracks around the abdomen using essential oils:
Studies have shown that , you can use essential oils in the treatment of white lines and apply it directly to the skin, such as the use of coconut oil or other aromatic other oils such as lavender oil or musk.

Get rid of the cracks abdomen by using potatoes:
Potato juice contain on vitamins and minerals help to increase growth and repair of skin cells . Cut a potatoes into strips and take the slice and rub gently on the white lines for 3 minutes until the liquid comes out of the potatoes and cover the affected area completely and then leave the potato juice to dry and then wash it off with warm water.

pregnancy abdomen cracks 

Treatment of fractures of the abdomen using white sugar:
White sugar is a key home remedies that used in the treatment of white lines. It is used to exfoliate your skin. Take a large teaspoon of white sugar with almond oil and add the lemon juice and mix them well  then apply the mixture on the white lines and the affected areas. Gently rub the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes every morning before taking a shower.

The use of olive oil in the treatment of abdominal cracks:
Olive oil contains nutrients and antioxidants, which help to solve skin problems such as white lines. You can massage the affected area with warm olive oil to improve blood circle and thus serves to reduce the white lines. And leave it for 30 minutes until the skin absorbs nutrients.

pregnancy abdomen cracks 

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