Get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor in just one day Are you suffer from itching in the vaginal area a

Get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor in just one day

Get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor in just one day
Are you suffer from itching in the vaginal area associated with unpleasant smell in the vagina, which makes you feel ashamed and embarrassed and perhaps disgust. Are looking for a quick solution to the problem, do not worry “24 for health” is going to provide you with some smart tips,  Here’s the tips that you will see results in just 24 hours!

unpleasant vaginal odor
unpleasant vaginal odor

unpleasant vaginal odor

1. yogurt
This is the first treatment to get rid of the smell of the vagina during the day in a natural way at home.
Yogurt, in fact, is a wonderful component  you can take advantage of it to deal with the problem of unpleasant vaginal odor . Yogurt milk is very rich in lactic bacteria “bacillus”, which may help eliminate one of the biggest factors causing the smell of vagina- candida infection, as well as to restore the natural pH level in the vagina. When balance is restored in the level of pH, you will get rid of vaginal odor.

Of the other options that you can try is dipping a healthy towel in  yogurt and wear it on your underwear . Leave 2-3 hours and then wipe it out, use clean water to rinse the area well.

unpleasant vaginal odor

2. Change your underclothes regularly
You must give up wearing silk underwear immediately if you suffer from the problem of vaginal odor. Instead, wear cotton underwear . You should also remember to change your underwear every 12 hours at least.

3. Boric acid
This is indeed one of the best solutions for the treatment of itching of the vagina in a natural way.
Maybe you do not know that the beneficial bacteria must remain in the vaginal area to control the acidity. In any case, there are some materials, such as semen or blood of the menstrual cycle, which may affect the acidity of the vagina and make it more soluble. And is influenced by the level of pH in the vagina is negative and alkaline growing may help the growth of bacteria. Boric acid may help, which is mildly acidic and disinfectant, to restore the proper pH levels of the vagina area effectively .
Gelatin capsules
Boric acid
The method and use
Fill and prepare the gelatin capsules  boric acid,and store on safe place and appropriate manner.
Enter the capsule filled with boric acid in your vagina and leave overnight.
Repeat the process 2-3 times a week.

unpleasant vaginal odor

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