List of best and worst foods for sexual desire  Besides romantic atmosphere , lighting candles and s

List of best and worst foods for sexual desire

List of best and worst foods for sexual desire
 Besides romantic atmosphere , lighting candles and soothing music, The important things play its role in the promotion of intimacy and sexual desire, most notably a healthy lifestyle, and food eaten by the two partners .We have modern studies have shown do some foods in improving sexual performance, and the role of others in the negative impact.  We are going to give you a list of these foods, to be Assistant to guide you enjoy happy married life:

foods for sexual desire
foods for sexual desire

foods for sexual desire

Foods that promote sexual desire:

1. Strawberries: this fruit is of the forefront of  list of important foods and useful for sexual desire, being rich in antioxidants that benefit the heart and arteries . Most importantly they contain vitamin c that works – along with antioxidants – to enhance sexual desire and improve performance.

2. Avocado: Contains vitamin E with antioxidant properties, as well as potassium and vitamin B6, which help the blood flow and avoid heart disease, so avocado is important for men who suffer from heart disease, who face often associated with erectile dysfunction problems.

3. Almonds: contains important elements, including selenium assistant in the treatment of infertility, also contains vitamin E is important for the health of the heart, which is also rich in the element zinc, which helps in the production of sex hormones in men, and thereby enhances the sexual desire to have.

foods for sexual desire

4. Sweet potatoes: rich in the element potassium, which is struggling high blood pressure in turn associated with erectile dysfunction, also contain vitamin A which helps in the treatment of infertility.

5. Sesame seeds: containing zinc influential dramatically improve sexual health component.

6. Watermelon: for this popular fruit a big role in reducing calories, watermelon also contains important botanical elements help to enhance sexual desire.

 Foods that adversely affect the libido:

1. steaks: Although meat contain protein and zinc, they also contain a high content of saturated fat and cholesterol , as eating meat frequently lead to diabetes and heart disease, and high blood pressure, in turn adversely affecting the libido.

2. fatty foods: There are many fast food and fried foods which contain high levels of bad fats, like saturated fats and trans fats, which negatively affects the health of the heart, and impedes blood flow due to the deposition of fat in the arteries of the heart.

3. spirits: despite feeling some satisfaction when dealing with these drinks, Cuba and one of them leads to decreased libido significantly, also lead to a lack of a sense of excitement and desire for sexual intercourse.

foods for sexual desire


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