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4 Effective exercises for relaxation and improve better sleep

4 Effective exercises for relaxation and improve better sleep

Sleep is necessary for health, when we sleep, tissue and body organs begins repair process , and improve the body’s functions. The secret lies in relaxation. Here are four exercises to relax intellectually and physically, which promotes sleep.

exercises for relaxation
exercises for relaxation

exercises for relaxation

Massage “solar plexus”
Solar plexus located in the abdomen between the navel and the chest. In this region generates the  feeling of tension in times of stress and distress. Therefore, you must open the blockage of this region to promote sleep.
Massage the solar plexus with using your hand by circular motions clockwise. Sleep is the secret of inner calm, and the respiratory movement with self-massage the solar plexus helps to remove tensions in the abdominal area and restore energy.

A quick nap
When you get lack of sleep, you can make up for it during the day to take a nap for 3 minutes to help you recover quickly. you can take them while you are sitting or lying down.
take off your shoes if possible, and take the position helps you to loosen your back , neck and limbs. Close your eyes and breathing slowly. Do a two circles with your closed eyes in both directions, and then open your eyes naturally.

exercises for relaxation

Breathe through your nose
If you are studying for exams or you’re tired of the work, it’s hard to sleep well. Exercise nasal breathing relaxes the body and abdomen, where the nose is related to the digestive system.
Turn off the left nose with your nostril finger  , then breathe from the right one of fresh air. Then shut the right of hot air and the breathing of the left. Repeat 10 times and then loosened the muscles of your body.
This exercise gives the feeling of heat and that increase relaxation. Try this exercise, and you will find that you get sleep more easily.

Imagine happy memories
If you feel disturbed by the flow of your thoughts, you can’t sleep. First Lie on your back, then imagin a flow of relaxation is going on in your body, from head to toe … Feel how warm and comfortable. Feel your body with all the parties that touches your bed cover. Focus on your breathing from the nose, and breathe out slowly and deeply from your mouth. Remember, happy memory in your life, such as vacation or personal success, or anything else. life in this positive feelings raised by this period of your life, people, sounds, smells and colors that surround you.

exercises for relaxation

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