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List of healthy Food prevents your body get smelly

List of healthy Food prevents your body get smelly

We all know the big importance of food to give our body the needed energy to practice its daily activity, besides its delicious taste, that make use resort to it. but, you should also know that its not just its benefits, as the food and beverages are playing a key role in the formation of the smell of the body, any food that is not digested quickly may stay in the digestive tract for a long time and becomes a source of foul smell. not just that, The disturbing thing that this smell transferred to the rest of the body, especially the skin, specifically in the area under the armpit , chest area and others, which puts women in a critical condition.

Food prevents your body get smelly
Food prevents your body get smelly

Food prevents your body get smelly 

“24 for health” will provide you with some therapeutic consults list of foods and beverages that give your body a beautiful smell:

Spices: cinnamon contribute in giving the body a beautiful smell in addition to the black cardamom seeds and green one as well , which revives the mouth smell.

Citrus: oranges has a great role on refreshing of the mouth and the body too, so that the peel of the orange has a great benefit in perfuming the air and flavored cuisine as well.

Milk: (full-fat and low-fat) Milk contributes to improve the smell of the mouth, especially after eating garlic.

Food prevents your body get smelly

Jasmine Tea: The herbal tea, especially Jasmine contributes to strengthening the work of the digestive tract, giving the body a beautiful smell.

Herbs: Aromatic Herbs have big role in improving the smell of the body and get rid of toxins. the following herbs such as funnel , mint, thyme, rosemary and basil are working on the purification of the body and clean it from all the sediments and toxins that cause bad breath.

Vegetables, whole grains, fruits: Stay away from eating red meat on an extreme manner, it is the basic cause of the unpleasant body odor due to its staying in the digestive tract for a long time.

Food prevents your body get smelly

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