Top 5 natural drinks for irritable bowel syndrome treatment Nature is in your hands, why not take ad

Top 5 natural drinks for irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Top 5 natural drinks for irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Nature is in your hands, why not take advantage of its components in order to address the symptoms of annoying irritable bowel ? What about chamomile, anise and mint? Do not you see that they contain a lot of important characteristics? If you do not hesitate to resort to them whenever you need to. you should note first that irritable bowel syndrome often appear in women. In fact, We  did not know the reasons for it yet, but this problem has a large impact on the health , which reflected negatively on the daily life of those who suffer from it.

irritable bowel syndrome treatment
irritable bowel syndrome treatment

irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Anise drink
It is one of the effective treatments for pain and intestinal infectious. It contributes to the reduction of gases and the occurrence of bloating. But be careful, you do not have to drink in case you suffer from constant diarrhea. to prepare a glass of anise, try the following steps:
-add Little anise seeds into a glass of water, then mix on the fire until it  boil.
-You Can drink it during breakfast or before dinner.

Chamomile drink
In case you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, it is necessary that resort to this healthy drink. As  chamomile has attributes of limiting inflammation and fights bacteria and helps to relax the intestines. You can drink two cups of it a day. As for preparation, follow that:
-Add Amid a spoonful of chamomile flowers to a little water, to leave to mix, then boil for about 10 minutes and then rest it for a few more minutes.

Mint drink
It belongs to the mint family plants, it is control of gases and spasm and helping to relax and soothing. This means that they directly affect the intestines and stomach and to reduce the incidence of infections and pain. In order to prepare a drink:
-Add tablespoon of dried mint to the glass of water and leave the mixture on the fire to boil and then let it to rest, you can drink it without adding sugar.

irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Sage drink
Do you suffer from chronic diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, any of the symptoms of irritable bowel annoying? If, this drink is the solution. Do not hesitate to drink this , here’s the way: 
-Add 10 g of sage to 3 cups of water and boil the mixture  , then leave to rest for about 5 minutes. try to drink about 3 cups a day of this drink.

Thyme drink
This mixture is an ideal choice, if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. It facilitates the process of digestion and calms the pain and reduces inflammation and rid the intestines of toxins and bacteria. As is the case with other drinks , you can prepare it through:
-add mid teaspoon of thyme into a glass of water.
-Mix on the fire until it boil,  then leave it rest for a few minutes.

irritable bowel syndrome treatment

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