The 6 types of obesity, its causes and solutions Per body nature that is different from the other. E

The 6 types of obesity, its causes and solutions

The 6 types of obesity, its causes and solutions

Per body nature that is different from the other. Each body obese, reservoirs fat to accumulate in it that are different from others. Perhaps this difference helps everyone to follow his diet and exercise that is aligned, in order to get healthy and curvaceous body. Science has proved, after the test and experiment, the presence of six types of obesity, namely:



Obesity of food: This type is the most widespread in the world the time being, which is caused by excessive consumption of food, especially sugar. To solve this problem, you will need to make some changes in the diet you practice, summed up by reducing the amount of food and mitigation of sugar and exercising for 30 minutes in at least a day.

Obesity of irritable bowel syndrome: This type of obesity is caused by stress , anxiety, and depression.  persons who in these problems over their consumption of sugar, and the best thing they do to solve this problem, it is control the psychological pressure and disposal of various sports activities .

Obesity of gluten: This type of obesity is more common in women who have reached menopause, and women with irregular menstrual cycle. The solution is to avoid wheat, avoid sitting for a long time, and giving up smoking, and exercise with weights.


Obesity of metabolism: People who suffer from psychological problems or respiratory problems, are the ones who have the stomach swollen like a balloon, and accumulate fat they have in this part of the body. And those have to avoid eating sugar and starches.

Circulatory obesity: this obesity is hereditary, occur especially during pregnancy, and in people who suffer from swollen legs. The solution lies in practicing sports , exercises such as running and climbing stairs.

Obesity of inactivity: This type of obesity, which affects members who were active in the past. To get rid of this fat stocks, you should not stop eating for long periods, in order to speed up the body’s metabolism and burn stored fat quickly.


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