Fast and easy chicken Steak recipe for the diet Are you following a certain diet? Does your diet pre

Fast and easy chicken Steak recipe for the diet

Fast and easy chicken Steak recipe for the diet

Are you following a certain diet? Does your diet prevent you from delicious kind of food? Do you want to eat a delicious food without neglecting your diet rules? We are going to help you today, with a yummy and lovely dish for all, old and young, on a simple and fast way , that match with your diet rules, today , we are going to prepare you a chicken steak recipe, that you can prepare at home on a simple way , step by step, to enjoy its lovely taste, without any extra calories.

chicken Steak recipe
chicken Steak recipe

chicken Steak recipe

” 24 for health”  offers you the appetite recipe of Steak of  chicken and easy to prepare, if you can easily apply , if you are following certain kind of diet.

500 grams of Fillet Chicken breast
1 tbsp of Butter
A half a teaspoon of Salt
 A teaspoon of BBQ sauce
 A teaspoon of Garlic powder 
     A half  teaspoon of Black pepper

chicken Steak recipe

How to prepare:

1. Mix the salt, pepper and barbecue sauce and garlic powder to made a mix.

2. Flavor the  sauced chicken mixture . then, Leave for 10 minutes.

3. Heat the butter in a non-stick pan , put the chicken steak,  alter to each side where even it fry from all sides and cooked.

4. you can, my dear lady, present theses chicken steak  with vegetables or soups. good appetite and wish you like this simple and delicious recipe on your diet.

chicken Steak recipe

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