Overweight causes and easy solutions to get rid of it. The accumulated fat in the body is of the mor

Overweight causes and easy solutions to get rid of it.

Overweight causes and easy solutions to get rid of it.

The accumulated fat in the body is of the more difficulties they face a person when follows a specific diet, when there are a lot of fat cells  in the body, they can be difficult to get rid of them, so you must raise the metabolic rate of the body to help it burn a greater amount of calories.



 Some people have brown type fatty tissue, these people have high burn rates, and therefore the possibility of storing fat is less than people who have white fatty tissues , and the possibility of fat storage in this type is more greater.

Factors that affect the rate of fat burning

 Age: Whenever human is old,  burn fat has a least rate, and reduced muscle mass.

Gender: high rates of metabolism in men than in women, and also they have the largest muscle mass.

Genetic factor: the metabolic rates affected of genetic factors .

Thyroid problems: Flaws of the thyroid gland secretions affect on the metabolic rates in the body.

Muscle mass: The more muscle mass increased burn rate in the body.

Ways to burn fats
Drink water: Drinking water early in the morning and before meals is of the things that helps a lot in increasing fat burning rates and speeds up metabolism rates in the body.

Diversify food: you should eat on  moderate, balanced and varied diet, with a lot of vegetables and fruits such as apples, spinach, tomatoes, eating sufficient amounts of protein, focus on fish and poultry meat without skin, and stay away from the rich fat meat .


 Non-carbonated beverages: because they contain large amounts of sugar, the body is supplied with large quantities of calories, and contain colors and preservatives that are harmful to human health

 Stay away from eating junk food: Eating too much junk food that contain large amounts of fat lead to a significant increase in weight, these diets lack important nutrients to the body, such as vitamins .

Chewing food well: eating slowly and chew well is of the most ways that help burn fat, increase your calorie burn rates, and increase the feeling of full , and help improve digestion; because chewing food thoroughly helps to increase the secretion of enzymes that digest food, and reduce indigestion problems, and ease of formation of gases in the digestive tract.

Sleep: sleep sufficient periods of time helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body and helps in increasing the rate of fat burning in the body.
Exercise: A brisk walk can help you burn large amounts of fat in the body, and helps to get rid of fat in the abdomen and buttocks area, aerobic exercise such as easy cycling, carrying light weights help to burn fat significantly.


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