Effective Diet bride tips to lose weight in a week Bride is really concern to appear as the perfect

Effective Diet bride tips to lose weight in a week

Effective Diet bride tips to lose weight in a week
Bride is really concern to appear as the perfect on her wedding , so many of them are keen to lose some kilograms before the wedding date , “24 for health” offers you, my pretty bride, a valuable article of bride diet to lose 5 pounds per week. There are a number of diets will enumerate the most important:

Diet bride tips

Diet bride tips

 Lemon Diet in 7 days:
This diet is based mainly on cleaning the body of toxins that stored on it. These toxins one way or another works on the body obstruction in burn excess fat , that we find in this diet that it rely on Lemon as a key component.
Breakfast: a cup of lemon juice with a warm glass of water and honey added the lemon as well as an egg and Black toast .
Snacks between meals: a glass of warm water with lemon.
Lunch : soup, any soup type you prefer as well as a lemon or lemon water.
Snacks between meals: a warm glass of water with lemon.
Dinner: Warm water on the honey and lemon plus yogurt and Black toast .

This diet is optional , as can incorporate what you like of foods by taking care to keep the lemon as an essential element. In addition to exercise, it is an important factor to burn, if you suffer from any stomach pains,  this diet will not be useful  for you even worse situation .

Cabbage diet in 7 days:
Cabbage is greatly assist the expulsion of gases and toxins from the body, it is very suitable in the case of fast diet.
Breakfast: cabbage juice with honey and water.
Between meals: A grain of fruit.
Lunch: cabbage soup with brown toast
Snacks between meals:  a grain of fruit or vegetables.
Dinner: spiced cabbage with bread or toast.

Diet bride tips

You can in this week  eating cabbage on innovation ways right for you either soup or boiled or spiced as you want , it helps you to get rid of abdominal gas and relieve colon , it also help relieve the pressure on the stomach and intestines, may go out of the body of some gases in the first days do not worry This is evidence of the effectiveness of the diet.

Week Diet :
This Diet is healthy and has many benefits by eating foods that help burn fat and burn calories in addition to exercise.
First day: start eating fruit and vegetables which contain fiber and complex carbohydrates to clean the body.
Second day: eating vegetables which contains minerals and vitamins.
Third day: eating apples throughout the day as it contain iron.
Fourth day: Free – fat soup, like mushroom soup.
Day Five: Custom for protein as grilled chicken and vegetables.
The sixth day: eat vegetables that contain fibers, For more burning.
Seventh day: fruit salad throughout the day.
In this diet, you must minimize the food as much as possible with drinking water and exercise throughout the week, do not forget not overeating or negligence.

 liquid diet:
Useful in cases you want to lose small amounts of weight in one week,  in this diet’re taking fluids throughout the week at intervals all meals of fruit and vegetables which are in the form of liquid drinks,  Do not forget to drink water in balanced quantities .

Diet bride tips

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