5 Healthy Detox drinks effective in weight loss There are many morning drinks that affect health in

5 Healthy Detox drinks effective in weight loss

5 Healthy Detox drinks effective in weight loss
There are many morning drinks that affect health in general and help to flush out the toxins and harmful chemicals that accumulate in the body and cause acne on the skin, cellulite and hair loss as well. These drinks are many benefits, as it helps your body to renew its supplies of natural minerals and vitamins to get rid of toxins, it also works to lose weight:

 Detox drinks
Detox drinks

 Detox drinks 

Honey and ginger drink


• a bit of ginger.
• tablespoon of honey.
• a Squeeze lemon.

• Boil ginger, then add honey, and a little squeeze of lemon, drink this mix at the evening.

Detox Strawberries

This technique works to cleanse and purify the body of harmful toxins, as well as it is rich in minerals and natural vitamins that restore vitality and freshness to the skin.


• a cup of strawberries pieces.
• cups of watermelon pieces.
• papers of fresh rosemary.
• a little salt.


• Put the ingredients on a large pot with the addition of water to it.
• Leave this mix in the refrigerator for 4 hours, then drink more than two cups a day.

Drink of lemon and cucumber


• a cucumber.
• a lemon cut  into slices


• Cut the cucumber into slices, and put in a large bottle, then add lemon slices and fresh mint.
• Pour liter of water on the previous mixture, then put it in the refrigerator whole night, and drink it every now and then the next day.

 Detox drinks 

Detox of vegetables and fruit

This drink is one of the best drinks of purifying Detox the body, which also helps to burn fat.


• an apple.
• 2 kiwi .
• a lemon juice.
• spinach leaves.
• tablespoon of honey.
• celery.
• a bit of crushed ice.


• Mix ingredients with each other on the mixer. and drink this juice twice a week.

Detox lemon and mint


• A large lemon.
•Fresh green mint .
• slices of cucumber.


• Cut the large lemon into slices and put them in a bottle filled with water, and add the other ingredients.
• Leave in the refrigerator overnight, then drink them throughout the next day.

 Detox drinks 

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