The death of pop singer

The death of pop singer ” David Bowie” after a secret struggle with cancer

The death of pop singer ” David Bowie” after a secret struggle with cancer

After a secret struggle with cancer as long as 18 months, today pop singer David Bowie died , and joining a convoy of stars who are  their departure effects uproar in the artistic community.

The death of pop singer " David Bowie"
The death of pop singer ” David Bowie”

The death of pop singer ” David Bowie”

He is known as the British star who went on to release his new album ” Blackstar”, during the last week  on his celebration of his 69 birthday, on behalf of one of the founders of the rock, he  was one of the most successful artists in the 20th century. that we will never forget his songs and works.

A spokesman on behalf of “Bowie” said this morning: “David Bowie died peacefully today , surrounded by his family, after a courageous struggle of 18-month with cancer.”

The son of the died singer “Duncan Jones” confirm the news, As he writes on his Twitter account: “Unfortunately, melancholy ,the news is true. I’ll be absent for a period of time .. I love you.”

The death of pop singer ” David Bowie”

Many Stars mourns “David Bowie”, and praised his art, the first of whom was “Kanye West” ” because several generations witnessed him , and he get a great fame since the seventies, it has been sold about 140 million copies of his albums worldwide, and won during his career the value of several awards, including Grammy Award for lifetime achievement, it had obtained in 2006.

As well as the dramatic works of David Bowie, as he participated in several movies, the best known film ” The Man Who Fell to Earth” in 1976.

David Bowie married twice, first compiled by his wife Angie in 1970, and gave birth to his son Duncan, before their split in 1980. The second marriage join him with the global crossbar Iman, and gave birth to his daughter Alexandria, which is 15-year-old.

The death of pop singer ” David Bowie”

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