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Simple decor tricks to expand the narrow rooms spaces


Simple decor tricks to expand the narrow rooms spaces Are you suffer from small and narrow home rooms ? Here are some tips to make it more expansion: expand the narrow rooms spaces – Adopt a paint color for the walls of the quiet and light Monochrome. – Chose one color with its …

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Innovative ways to arrange your bedroom closet


Innovative ways to arrange your bedroom closet Are you tired of the miss on your wardrobe? Do you want to organize it? Do you want some help and simple tips to get tidy wardrobe? Here’s the advice from “Monica Wejtkovski ” the German expert of home affairs , will provide you …

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Ideas for winter living room you should try

Ideas for winter living room you should try We all know that the living room is of the important places on our homes, As all the family members spend there whole time on this place, doing a lot of activity, to ensure their tight relationship between parents and kids, So …

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5 quick steps to expand your narrow kitchen


5 quick steps to expand your narrow kitchen narrow kitchen Nowadays,Many kitchens facing a big and series problem , that the kitchen space is so tight , especially in modern apartments that lack of space; and make the kitchen doesn’t apply our needs, thereby hindering our movements during cooking or eating . the decor designers of …

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Smart designs of small balconies like small garden


Smart designs of small balconies like small garden small balconies In the current days, we find that a large number of individuals living in the heart of the city or even the suburbs which means that there is limited outdoor space and often do not exist enough space in homes …

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Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016


Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016 Interior decoration ideas There are a lots of common mistakes abound in our interior decoration , what makes us lack elegance on the space, and tainted flaws , which , of course, we don’t like to have. We are going today on our smart blog “24 for health” to …

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Elegance and warmth Winter home decoration ideas 2015


Elegance and warmth Winter home decoration ideas 2015 Winter home decoration ideas Winter season has come  with all its beautiful details and to fill your house with warm and affection in this season , you only need to bring some changes to your home decor to feel your family with comfortable and …

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