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Overweight causes and easy solutions to get rid of it.


Overweight causes and easy solutions to get rid of it. The accumulated fat in the body is of the more difficulties they face a person when follows a specific diet, when there are a lot of fat cells  in the body, they can be difficult to get rid of them, …

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Healthy cooking rules to loss body weight without diet


Healthy cooking rules to loss body weight without diet Away from the normal diets , which are followed to lose the body weight , and extreme exercises , there are  some adjustments in the way of your cooking that helps you in weight loss in a healthy way. today the Nutritionist “Crystal Pedrosaan ” will …

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The multi benefits of White tea for slimming


The multi benefits of White tea for slimming We still for years hearing about the green tea, and its healthy benefits of human body, and on particularly for weight loss, but, there is a new type of tea has emerged recently with healthy multi benefits for slimming too, that’s is the …

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List of the most appropriate exercises for pregnant women


List of the most appropriate exercises for pregnant women Pregnancy does not prevent you from practicing your normal life as stated before , it is not a disease or health exhibitors, you just need to meet it with more health, fitness and attention to your body and your baby at the same time. appropriate …

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Follow Nicole Kidman eggs Diet to reduce your weight


Follow Nicole Kidman eggs Diet to reduce your weight During the filming of the movie “Cold Mountain” in 2003, the famous actress Nicole Kidman, followed a strict diet based on hard-boiled eggs to lose weight, was dealing with an egg at breakfast, followed by another one at lunch, two for dinner. Note that …

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What’s Aerobics and its benefits for human body?


What’s Aerobics and its benefits for human body? Aerobics is one of the best kinds of sports to maintain a slim body and weight stabilization, studies have proved that the practice of aerobics exercises  regularly twice a week to prevent weight gain and help protect the heart and prevent fat …

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Effective Diet bride tips to lose weight in a week


Effective Diet bride tips to lose weight in a week Bride is really concern to appear as the perfect on her wedding , so many of them are keen to lose some kilograms before the wedding date , “24 for health” offers you, my pretty bride, a valuable article of bride …

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Try Jennifer Aniston Zone diet tolost 4 kilograms


Try Jennifer Aniston Zone diet to  lost 4 kilograms The famous American actress Jennifer Aniston has lost about four kilograms of weight in a short period, after following the “Zone Diet ” which was created by Dr. Barry Sezer, leader in the hormonal impact of food research and the role of diet …

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The best diet snacks less than 100 calories


The best diet snacks less than 100 calories To maintain a healthy weight, nutrition experts recommend not omission eating “the Diet best food,” characterized by its poor calories, including healthy”snacks” meals . Nutrition specialist “Crystal Pedrosaan ” propose to the readers of “24 for health ” the best Diet food ,” a …

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Try the balanced Alkaline Diet of Victoria Beckham to lose weight effectively


Try the balanced Alkaline Diet of Victoria Beckham to lose weight effectively Many affected by the celebrity diet, As they link between the exciting and sexy images of those stars and their nutrition. In this context, We draws the views of the British fashion designer and attractive singer “Victoria Beckham” , …

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