Major and essential steps of Applying full makeup properly  Some women prefer natural touches that a

Major and essential steps of Applying full makeup properly

Major and essential steps of Applying full makeup properly
 Some women prefer natural touches that are not giving them plastic look and others prefer to have flagrant cosmetic color,  but nature is always better , especially when you go to work or on trips as it helps to maintain the skin and makes it breathe freely without closing its pores.

steps of Applying full makeup

steps of Applying full makeup 

So we offer you with the following set of steps that contribute to give you natural beautiful look that hides the flaws in your skin:
first step :
Use the right amount of eyeshadow on the whole area surrounding your eyes , be careful not to enter into your eyes so as not to cause you harm and damage. You should also choose an appropriate color to the color of your skin , it should be lower than two degree,  even manage to hide dark circles or fine lines that show around the eyes.

The second step:
Apply the eyeshadow with brush of suitable size of the eyes , try to apply light brown color of the full upper eyelids .

The third step :
apply the eyeshadow on the upper moving eyelids with the start of outside eyelid angle and ended the internal part of it.

Step Four:
Draw a high line with black kohl pencil on the upper eyelids , then start from the middle to the outer corner and then used a brush of the eyes to make a line that you drew on the more extensive the eyelid even give your eyes gray color shadow or the so-called smoky shadow.

steps of Applying full makeup

Step Five:
To line the shape of your eyes use mascara through lengthening your lashes and make them more weight , you may need to apply plastic lashes on the natural lashes using adhesive and have it by placing it and then click on them until staple,  taking care to make your hands steady , so as not to vibrate and  your eyelashes or eyes may hurt.

Step Six:
Choose a natural color to the cheeks such as reddish color , peach or peach color and then distribute well even gives them a natural unpretentious reddish .

Step Seven:
Choose a light color to paint your  lips, like the color pink , for the best , you can choose a color be close to your natural color of your lips , if you prefer bold view and look, you can try  orange color, for example, is the trend of the fall season for the current year.

steps of Applying full makeup

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