Discover the best home remedies for hair loss The  problem of hair loss are been suffered a lot of w

Discover the best home remedies for hair loss

Discover the best home remedies for hair loss

The  problem of hair loss are been suffered a lot of women and men alike, and luckily there are a number of home remedies that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair’s useful to be applied regularly to get the best results,  “24 for health” will review a number of home remedies that are useful for women.

home remedies for hair loss

home remedies for hair loss

Causes of hair loss on women:
– There are a number of reasons that cause hair loss and the most common:
Autoimmune disorders. lack of iron,  Lack of protein and B vitamins, Some skin diseases such as alopecia areata. Radiation therapy,  Hair loss as a result of pregnancy or disease, Some hormonal imbalances , Syphilis , The fragility of the hair and hair follicles cracking, Some drugs  or taking depression of pregnancy drugs. 

Jojoba oil:
It’s of the strongest treatments to help the growth of hair, this is by massage the hair scalp, especially in the place where you notice hair loss.

Rosemary oil:
Rosemary oil is used in the treatment of hair problems where they are mixed with almond oil, then applied to the clean scalp , massage with circular movements until oil absorbed by the scalp to reduce hair loss and stimulate its growth.

Emu oil:
Oil works to stimulate hair follicle growth when applied directly to the hair , it’s used in cases of temporary hair loss in women during pregnancy and lactation.

home remedies for hair loss 

Licorice :
It is an effective way to prevent the formation of hair loss hormone and helps hair growth effectively,  you can eat this drink a day for a month.

It works to increase the blood circulation movement, it’s one of the important herbs in the lack of access of oxygen effectively and blood circulation problem, where helps to relax and stimulate hair growth.

Eating foods containing potassium:
Such as banana is a very good fruit for those who suffer from hair loss because it improves blood circulation and liquids balance in the body,  hair will prevent injury from drought and vulnerability and maintain the growth of cells and tissues properly.
It is important to have the balanced eating , healthy food and foods useful for the growth of hair when the hair loss, As most cases are caused by malnutrition .

home remedies for hair loss

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