Important beauty steps you should follow on the new year, On the first days of the new year,  in whi

Important beauty steps you should follow on the new year

Important beauty steps you should follow on the new year, On the first days of the new year,  in which we make important decisions in our lives,  Among these decisions, inevitable and necessary changes in your aesthetic views . 2015 was full of important moments and strong aesthetic fashions that took root in the world of beauty and it seems this year , we are waiting much stronger fashion trends and shouts . Among the regulations we have made, we share your in some of these decisions that we have adopted.

beauty steps
beauty steps

beauty steps

Style and brush  your hair every day: bun  hairstyle was the most easy and casual with celebrities and fashion models during 2015. Our decision this year that we follow this beautiful call. We recommend that you tumble hair spray and pass your fingers inside its tufts to get ” messy bun” of ideal Style . Then divide your hair into two halves and hold top section on ponytail way. Then roll in your hair, one on another.

 Stop playing by pimples: a very bad habits that you have done and that negatively affect the skin is playing by your acne . In the new year,  we decided to treat our skin instead of playing and messy with it. The easiest and most effective way to get rid of these facial acne , you should visit a competent doctor to prescribe the right medicine for your acne.

beauty steps

 Remove make-up before going to bed:  we always tell you about the need to remove make-up before going to sleep. you may be one of those who use napkins to remove make-up, but we let you know that it is completely useless. They keep the make-up and doesn’t clean deeply. Make sure to wash your face deeply or add some make-up remover to your napkins.

Stop biting your nails: These are also bad habits that hurt your nails. To get rid of this habit, try to paint your nails of a bad flavor and beautiful color,  and then coordinate with your fashions. Never forget the nail tonic.

beauty steps

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