The benefits to your play with your child The pressures of daily life may make you sometimes neglect

The benefits to your play with your child

The benefits to your play with your child

The pressures of daily life may make you sometimes neglect the very simple things but very important for your child such as playing with him. The free time you may have, you may allocate  to your backlog household , as  cleaning, cooking and washing and you have a long list . The result leads to putting your play with your child at the end of your list.

play with your child

play with your child

But if you think about the allocation of little time every day to play with your child , even it is for a few minutes , it will strengthen your relationship as well as the opportunities available to him to learn about what surrounds him , it as his mainstay for his next days at school.

Take your family out to breath open air

play with your child

Important tips you should care during playing with your kids:

– Coordination between hand and eye development through walking, running, jumping and balance.
– Rotation to play with family members or other children, to learn where to wait for his role during the play.
– Exploring the emotions and feelings
– Development of curiosity and interest in what surrounds him.

courage you kids on active learning and playing with his friends

your benefits of playing with kids

Not just your kid will benefits of playing with him, as you will too have some benefits, my talking here, is for both of you, father and mother , that you can get:

– Help to relax and enjoy with child
– The best way to discover what the child likes of Games
– Helps you to recognize and understand your child’s feelings as well as his interests and skill.

-helps you to make exercise

-helps you to get rid of house boring stuff, to enjoy your time with playing with kids.

play with your child

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