The best wedding makeup tips on New Year’s Eve

The best wedding makeup tips on New Year’s Eve

To ensure the success of your wedding makeup which on the New Year’s Eve, here’s this important tips:

wedding makeup

wedding makeup 

1 Don’t mess pimples
Believes women, especially brides, that tampering with blisters that will not adversely affect their beauty. But they are really wrong ! In fact, this causes the deployment of pimples, and makes it even worse five times, as well as tampering cause scars on the face. If you are prone to blisters, try to use new lotion, and Try as much as possible not to mess your face, before applying the makeup of your wedding.

2 – Nail care
If you are a bride who nibbles of their nails , Make 2016 the year in which you leave these horrible habit. Everyone can see your nails, and therefore can not form part of the impression that you left, so cut your nails, and paint your nails . In addition, we recommend the purchase of several suitable sets for manicure, including the fine file and transparent nail polish and Tonic; and more importantly that you get a nice view of your nails, before your wedding. Keep a nails file in your handbag, because if one is broken nails, you can repaired during the wedding.

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3 protect your skin
During the winter, make sure to use a sufficient amount of moisturizing cream! If your wedding in the summer, cover your skin with good ointment for the prevention of the sun, and use another one for your lips . You need to protect your skin in order to look fresh and bright on the day of your wedding.

4 get rid of the old lotions
We must be rid of all the preparations that you are in possession for more than one year after your wedding or before, if only high-quality eye shadow, it lasts for three years. As for the mascara, it must be changed every four months, or may cause infection in the eyes. In addition, make sure not to use the makeup sets of others women even your sister or even mom, and don’t let others use yours.

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