The best way to apply face serum to enhance its strength  The serum composition is characterized by

The best way to apply face serum to enhance its strength

The best way to apply face serum to enhance its strength 
The serum composition is characterized by a very high concentration of the active ingredients compared to other skin care products. While most moisturizers and other facial creams contain only 5-10% of the active ingredients, a serum that contains up to 70% of them. These active ingredients are able to provide a much higher concentration of nutrients in the skin depth.

face serum

face serum

Use a serum for the face and a normal moisturizer that contains essential oils or hyaluronic acid, to speed up the process of absorption of the serum for depth penetration in the lower layers of skin, which has not reached creams and gels before.
Some people may find that facial serum alone provides enough moisture for the skin, but in cases of very dry skin in favor of the application of the serum as well as a moisture .
Overall, facial serum is applied just before bedtime, after washing the face and neck skin with nice washer and tonic.

Serum has on the whole smooth and slick format, allowing its spread on a very large area, that most of the skins in need of only a few drops to cover them from the hairline to the base of the neck.If you use lotions, toner , you should apply them before applying serum and moisturizer after him.

face serum

Serums is smooth with water base , allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin without leaving oily residue on the top of them, it do not clog the pores and stimulate the outbreak of pimples.

Here are the best versions of serum choose the most appropriate for your skin type

 L’Essence of Sublimage collection of Chanel.
Youth Activating Concentrate of Advanced Génifique collection of Lancôme.
 The Longevity Concentrate of Orchidée Impériale collection of Guerlain.

Le Nectar of Dior Prestige collection  of Dior.
 Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum of One Essential collection of  Dior.

face serum

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