How to take care of the girl teenage skin? teenage skin It is essential that you realize that age se

How to take care of the girl teenage skin?

How to take care of the girl teenage skin?

teenage skin

teenage skin

It is essential that you realize that age sets you the proper ways to care for your skin, because it serves as the fastest mirror that reflects the effects of age, and that is if you are a women with young skin, and still in adolescence, Know the essentials of your skin care, to shine and be the most beautiful girl between your friends.

Wash your face three times during the day, on a careful and consistent manner, with soap and lukewarm water oblique to heat more than cold, then you are in this age no reason to think about the impact of hot water on your skin, because the issue of tightening the skin far for you, during the washing process, Massage your face with circular movements.

Kept away your skin from lotions that contain harsh combinations that hurt your skin more than they were useful, not try to peel, but if your skin is suffering from problems related to skin irritation, and at the request of a specialist.

Focus on putting of moisturizing creams after cleaning your face, especially those that contain benzoyl peroxide in the composition, which softens the skin secretion of oils, and thus reduces the bacteria, it is necessary to question one of the specialist to help you determine the nature of your skin.

teenage skin tips

Do not give rise to acne, not experimental pimples peeling , to avoid causing scars or redness or swelling in your skin, and if you are of those who do not do love put medicine on their skin, Use cotton moistened with rose water and starch to moisturize your skin, and get rid of these annoying pimples .

Do not forget the importance of prevention of sun cream, and now after you have prepared  your skin, you can made appropriate make-up mode to your age , which will be based on the right-base and idealism.

teenage skin care

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