Try Trampoline exercise burn 900 calories in one hour  Jumping on Trampoline is a simple exercise  a

Try Trampoline exercise burn 900 calories in one hour

Try Trampoline exercise burn 900 calories in one hour

 Jumping on Trampoline is a simple exercise  and very easy is to begin it, especially if you know that it improve balance, and increase agility, and strengthen muscles, increase the calorie burn rate, and help with weight loss,  one hour on the Trampoline can burn about 900 calories .

Trampoline exercise

Trampoline exercise

 How to apply Exercise:

The learner do small jumps for the warm-up and then begins to gradually accelerate the rhythm with live music, followed by a series of movements such as the inclusion of the feet and then separated, rehearsed on the feet or on each one alternately jumping on the flexible trampoline with the addition of arm movements.

  Multiple benefits to jump on Trampoline :

This exercise let all muscles of the body move and strengthens the balance and joints (ankles, knees and hips),  and add bonus, it can be of burn the most stubborn fat, especially at the level of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

After jumping on trampoline for 5 to 10 minutes , you will see a massive rise in the number of white cells remain present for an hour after the end of the exercise and operate the white cells to improve the functions of the immune system in humans and reduce the likelihood of disease.

Stimulate blood circulation and improve the functions of the lymphatic system. Rid the body of toxins, as the jump on a trampoline as a full washing of the lymphatic system. Raise the level of your energy. Improve digestion process.

Best exercise to lose weight, since the jump on «trampoline» for 20 minutes is equivalent to running for an hour without any negative effects on the joints, unlike what happens during running, jumping rope and the rest of aerobics exercises.

Trampoline exercise

Important for cancer prevention: jump on «trampoline» helps to reduce the size of cancerous tumors as a result of increasing the efficiency of the immune system in the body and increase the secretion of lymphatic fluid that works to clean the body of toxins.

It helps to get rid of cellulite: jump on «trampoline» reduces the proportion of cellulite in the body as a result of blood circulation and increase the secretion of lymph, because the vibrations caused by muscle contraction pushes fluid lymphoblastic to outside areas where cellulite helps to reduce it or get rid of it consists with regularity in the exercise.

Trampoline exercise

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