The best home remedies for dry hands mixes in the winter, Women hands skin influenced by  in the win

The best home remedies for dry hands mixes in the winter

The best home remedies for dry hands mixes in the winter, Women hands skin influenced by  in the winter by the cold weather where meted drought leads to cracks hands and legs, many women suffer from this seasonal problem, especially as they are subjected to water more than others, so Discover with us the most  beauty tips and the most important mixtures that can be manufactured at home which contribute to wipe dry hands and feet to regain its soft feeling.

dry hands mixs

dry hands mixes

Vaseline, olive oil and lemon Mix 

Put a tablespoon of Vaseline and add  olive oil and a little juice the lemon until  you make cohesive dough , Mix the ingredients well and apply them  on your hands and your feet after a shower, put on socks and kept them until next day .apply this mixture daily for a week once and get rid of dry skin and its cracks.

 Natural oils and Aloe Vera Mix

 Aloe Vera is of the most important components that deal with the treatment of dry skin and freshness, especially they are working to get rid of dead skin cells and moisturize the skin for it, put in a blender,  a small part of aloe Vera and add it a little mixture of natural oil composed of olive oil, sesame and coconut. apply these components on your hands and your feet and leave to dry completely , after that you can wash them with lukewarm water. It is noteworthy that this mixture is also used to dry facial skin.

dry hands mixes

Avocado with rose water and coconut oil Mix 

Put in a blender one peeled avocado and add the tablespoon of olive oil and a little rose water until the mixture becomes coherent. apply on your hands and your feet and leave for 30 minutes before washed by the lukewarm water . Keep the rest of the mixture in the refrigerator for a second try and you’ll notice after the use the vast difference.

dry hands mixes

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