The best and smart tips for the beautiful bride You're the most beautiful bride , and of course, you

The best and smart tips for the beautiful bride

The best and smart tips for the beautiful bride
You’re the most beautiful bride , and of course, you dream of an integrated view on the night of your wedding .. Here are tips to get benefit during the run-up to the wedding day, provided to you by “24 for health”, hope you like and follow to get the elegant view, that you like.

tips for the beautiful bride

 tips for the beautiful bride

1. Choose the  model of your wedding dress that fit you well by enough time, and do not forget to choose the right shoes and hair accessories.
2-try to apply every day before going to sleep a sufficient amount of moisturizing cream for the body on all your body with a focus on dry areas, Take care of using aromatic oils.
3-If you suffer from any skin problems like acne or sensitive skin, advisable to resort to a specialist by six months before the wedding.
4-Drinking water where advised drinking adequate amounts daily (about 6-8 cups) a day of water  and natural , healthy juices that is not manufactured to activate blood circulation and help the body to perform its fullest functions and get rid of waste and preserve the softer and freshness skin .
5-Daily cleaning of the skin and the use of natural materials in every morning and evening.

Tips for the beautiful bride

6-Apply  a little milk on your face every morning and leave for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water .. This helps the skin smoothness and purity and health.
7-Mix 12 teaspoon of almond oil with 2 tablespoons of honey and using your fingertips to rub the mixture in a circular motion on the face and neck for 3 minutes and leaves on the face for 25 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water, to smooth the skin.
8. If you notice that you gain weight significantly it is best to follow the nutritional diet before the wedding date at least two months and concern for the sport even to look the most beautiful views in the night life.
9. Avoid using cosmetics before the wedding; for after any possible bad results for the skin may occur.
10. Take care of your hair by applying oil baths regularly, and if you intend specific hairstyle ,cut it before enough time even takes your face the new style.

tips for the beautiful bride

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