How to apply thick and attractive eyeliner

How to apply thick and attractive eyeliner 



If you want to want to apply kohl or  (Eyeliner) on a beautiful and attractive way that will highlight the beauty of your eyes,  do not know how to applying it on your own and always resort to go to beauty centers and pay a lot, today,  we offer you all that of this topic, and offer you through  our lovely site ” 24 for health” an easy and simple method for underlying the eyeliner on a heavily and attractive steps

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Steps of applying the eyeliner:

1. Clean the your eyes well and make sure that there is no makeup on them.

2. Start drawing a light and a broad line of  you eyeliner pen to be adjacent your top and bottom lash line of the eye.

3. Then make a heavy and dense line of liquid eyeliner above the light line.

4. Use the eyeliner pen carefully and put it on the inner part of eyelashes and Take care of the external area.
5. Put two layers of mascara on the eyelashes and the upper layer and one layer on the lower eyelashes

6. Thus, now you have underline  your eyes on heavily and attractive style.

They are simple and very easy steps but help you large to get a beautiful and very attractive eyes, and  increase the beauty of your eyes and the beauty of your face and increase the attractiveness and your self-confidence , besides that , it help you as well to rely on yourself to put your makeup, what should guide you need now is never be sad  if can not applying your eyeliner correctly on the first time or even the second, but Take your time in training on that and shortly after that you’ll get a great result.

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