Easy tips for long lasting nail polish

Easy tips for long lasting nail polish

lasting nail polish

lasting nail polish 

Have you ever wondered how many women maintain their nail polish for a week, while the polish of  your nails may pass away from the second day? Are you know that the nail polish give you the desire view that you want? Do you want to put your nail polish and make it stay a week at least? So join to us today to give you the important tips provided to you by our stylish site “24 for health”, Here’s the value tips and you’ll notice how much your nails paint will last.
1. Prepare your nails properly
The most important thing you can do for your nails begin before painting. Nails should be cleaned of any oil, cream or moisturizer for the application of the base painting nails properly.
2. give the nails enough time to dry
It is very important that you allow your polish that completely dry between each layer and the other. This means that you have to wait at least 3 minutes while you apply the second layer of paint. This also includes the application of foundation and powder.

Long lasting nail polish 

3. Do not blow on your nails
Moisture that present in the breath can prevent the paint dries completely. If you want to speed up the dehydration process, you can use a hair dryer with cold air.
4. Choose the perfect powder
After application of the base paint and two layers of color, apply thick Dried that ensures color fastness.

5. Applying a thin layer of transparent paint
Every day after day, apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish to keep up on the glow and color cover any spot that has begun cracking.
6. Use gloves
 Your hands may exposure to soap and water when’re home and your paint of nails may expose to crack faster. The solution is to use a glove!

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