Red hair for hot views for winter season 2016-2017

Red hair for hot views for winter season 2015

Red hair

  Red hair

With red hair like fire, you will be more distinctive and strength in your events for this season, and before going to the salon, or choose the color of dark hair dye, make sure you follow our advice to get to the best Red Shadows suited to your skin tone.

Cherry red hair

Dark cherry color is perfect for dark brown and black hair . A great way to go from dark to lighter with aging, without the need to move between the opposites of colors which increases the appearance of aging. Hair: Katie Mulcahy

Dark red hair

Dark red is a great way to cover the roots of the past tints. It will also be more youthful and the ability to add depth and shine to dark hair naturally.

Copper red hair

Curly hair looks great with red degree. Keep it coppery color and fashion, Follow the new season. This tone better suited to light skin. Hair: Neil Atkinson of Mahogany Hairdressing

Light Red hair

One of the most Hairstyles temptation for this season hair, curly long hair with the tone of the red light. Are your hair naturally curly? Ask your hair stylist to dye copper color and the bright tones of light red , with thick curly locks of a thickness of one inch per tuft.

Red hair styles

Red color medium grade

Red is still in vogue for 2015 and continuing throughout 2016 as well, keep it natural by adding tones of red copper to the medium grade . You do not want at the end , some color does not seem natural.

Coppery red hair naturally

This is the most natural appearance of the red color. Ideal if your hair appears like a dyed clearly. Hair: Katie Mulcahy

Glossy red hair

Red always an attractive option for advanced skin to age. Choose this tone to your brown hair to increase youth and glamour. Hair: Ian Davis in the ocean

Natural red hair

Try the natural color of your hair with a red mahogany color, a great way to change your look without costing! Hair: Alison Stewart.

Bright red hair

Red hair throw a remarkable turnout this season. A combination of deep red  and brighter color tones, more elegant than this one dull color. Do not try to do it at home but go to specialist in the beauty salon!

Copper Red Hair

Keep your hair a new color via the updated tones of copper color and blond. Lighter and more natural than deep red, and an easy way to change your look and stay modern heroine. Hair: Hooker & Young

Red hair 2016