Fitness Secrets to lose weight before the wedding for the bride

Fitness Secrets to lose weight before the wedding for the bride 

Fitness Secrets

Fitness Secrets 

When the bride take the decision to exercise, you’ll find lots of exercises, especially that big rush of brides with a specific date, where they want to get rid of excess weight before their wedding . If you’re one of them, here you are the most important tips of exercise coaches.

Put a timetable
Give yourself two months to lose 3 kg and 3-4 months for the loss of 6 kg, and 6 months more than 8 kg loss. This schedule will give you the opportunity to lose weight in a healthy way.

Exercisingand healthy food
When you eat less food without exercising, your metabolism will drop after about three days of decline you get the calories. This means that low weight will depend, however, will not feel hungry. But add the exercisingwill help to maintain the balance of metabolism in your body.

Considering the food you eat
There are a lot of brides who exercisebut do not lose weight. The reason is often due to the poor quality of the foods that they eat , since you can not be able to get your best result for you with the exercising without combined with a balanced and healthy food.

Quite a few exercises and for a short time
If you hate the gym, there is nothing wrong that you exercise sport for shorter periods, ie 30-45 minutes, this will help you to exercise without getting bored.

Fitness Secrets for bride

Let it be a simple exercise 
There re no need to enroll  your name in a luxurious club and exercises in complicated because you want to be the bride and lose weight.

Food Tips
Relay on health vegetables and proteins
Food is essential for you as vegetables contain few calories, and occupies a quite place a bit of your stomach. The good proteins such as chicken and grilled milk maintain your sense of satiety for a longer period.

Drink free – calories drinks 
Drink plenty of water to keep up on moist and lose more weight. It must also get rid of fast and processed food .

Fitness Secrets before wedding