Brad Pitt announces his atheism for public

Brad Pitt announces his atheism for public

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt 

The famous American star Brad Pitt who has  lot of fans ll over the world who love him due to his super and interesting movies that can’t be forgetting especial those with sharing of his beloved wife, the star actress Angelina Jolie s they both, the global duo, present the most distinctive series of movies that inspire us more.

The american star has revealed in a statement, published by the British site The Daily mail newspaper, for he has become does not follow a particular religion, and he also classified himself as an atheist, because of the strict Christian education, which was followed by his mother with him, describing his father as “tough.”
Brad announced , in his interview with the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, that he was brought up to feel guilty about what you should do and should not do. American star said he would not use this method with his children, pointing out that his wife, the great american star  “Angelina Jolie” completely reversed in this method, where the latter announced weeks ago that her marriage is without any problems.

Brad Pitt news

The international star and his wife, the famous American actress has attended the opening of her new film By The Sea, and the of love and harmony between the global duo on the red carpet as they show.
The new movie has been put to work in November 13 in cinema in the United States, while will be put in the December 11 / December in the United Kingdom.

What is important now for us, for true, is the new movie, which will be a great add for the lovely duo who always used to present us such great kinds of movies, and hope that they still present a great movies for their fans all over the world, as they are considered as the most famous actors on Hollywood.

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