Important Tips to maintain your ideal weight after the wedding

Important Tips to maintain your ideal weight after the wedding

ideal weight after the wedding

ideal weight after the wedding

You must have made a great effort to get the ideal weight on the day of your wedding, and now has passed the day that you are waiting.  Recent studies have confirmed what most of us know: brides regain weight who have lost after marriage directly, within six months at the maximum. This affects often the new bride’s self-confidence. To help you keep the weight of the wedding and your self-confidence at the same time, here are the following tips.

Don’t skip meals

Even if you see that your weight has increased, do not be dismayed. honey month has necessary an impact, but experts say that missing meals may cause a decline in the rate of energy, and deprive your body of food, which could result in an increase in weight and your goal is wasted in vain. The miss meals increase your wish to sugary and fatty meals.

Dine at home most of the time

Focus on components and not on the calories, since foods that do not contain a large amount of calories is not necessarily healthy as it may be a manufacturer and a few benefits , in addition to it contain a huge amount of fat and sugar. But scientists advised that eating a full meal is made to maintain the nutritional value required. You should also try to drop out of eating out … learn cooking to keep up on your body agility, strength and save required Power .

ideal weight after the wedding tips

Keep exercise

In the gym! Or at home. Although it is not necessary to regain regularity in the club again, you should never stop exercising. You can organize a joint schedule for two weeks coming on health food that you should cook and exercise that you need. Exchange exercises, since your body is getting used to them will pay it to exchange the same amount of less energy .

Enjoy enough sleep

To the health of your body after marriage, it should be growing well, since lack of sleep may cause an increase in the differences between you and your husband. sleep can also increase your loss of fat because it is directly linked to the habits you eat the next day.

ideal weight after the wedding routine