6 Tips for distinctive views of college styles

6 Tips for distinctive views of college styles

college styles

college styles

Going to a college is a challenging period to any girl, that she left the childhood life to enroll on the adults life, so she take good care f her styles on the college, she is no more a child, she need a distinctive style that should be simple and unique on the same time, she should not follow the fashion trends of every season or year, she just need to choose what fits her personality, body shape, and the college life as well. try to be distinct from the rest of your friends to show on them by  youth and modern look ..  do not try to imitate any one, these tips are your guide to achieve this, just follow and you’ll notice the difference.

1. Do not dispense with the white shirt as it is your “Savior”, where you can wear more than one way, it gives the soft and simple look that commensurate with your age.

2. Jeans with all his designs serves as a” joker” in look or view, where you can employ it on more than one way, and all the girls can wear it either thin or over weighted girls, as it is commensurate with the daily view at the college or work.

3. Avoid  embroidered or engraved costumes with stark colors because they do not suit the morning and  while you are in the university, as it is less elegant and increase your age.

4. Choose a large and practical bag, in order to accommodate your needs and all the daily requirements of scholarships or other accessories.

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5. Choose a practical and comfortable shoes do not commit yourself to one sample, you  can wear sports or flat shoes , and if you one of the lovers of the high heels, So try to choose the comfortable one that does not cause difficulty to walk.

6. Do not be afraid to incorporate color or classic skirt with sports shoes, since their combination gives you a unique view of youth.

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