Did you know that these foods do not cause obesity? Most women fall in the problem of hunger during

Did you know that these foods do not cause obesity?

Did you know that these foods do not cause obesity?

Most women fall in the problem of hunger during following food diet, but this diet is not true at all, it is necessary that you taste and enjoy food, but calculates the calories that you get it, without deprive yourself of needed food .come with us to discover  a list of food that will not gain you more weight.

foods do not cause obesity

foods do not cause obesity

Popcorn :

If you want snacks or a light food in front of the TV screen, Popcorn is the solution, it is rich in fiber and which will make you  satisfy and full for hours, through its impact on your digestion. As 15 calories of popcorn fills your stomach like 150 calories of potato chips, so that the large size of the Popcorn helps the mind to decide when to quietly ended needed quantity . enjoy this light snacks.

Barley flakes: Rye Crisps

It is delicious snacks and nutritious bread and toast, try to eat Barley flakes crunchy for breakfast, and will give you a feeling of fullness for longer hours, as it reduces the possibility of your calories in the next meal by 8%, the researchers believe the existence of the special quality of fiber in barley, which it is possible to accommodate in your stomach and slow down the digestive process, and the emancipation of carbohydrates in your blood. And thus reduce your blood pressure, which reduces the feeling of hunger. Try chips with hummus or smoked salmon, or put it in a salad dish with olive oil.

foods do not cause obesity


The mushrooms are very tasty and nutritious, does not lead to weight problems, it’s magical, you can add it  for flavor appetite in a lot of dishes, and without feeling remorse after enjoying it. It is rich in sodium, amino acids and described acids contained in the fifth flavor (in addition to sweet, sour, bitter and salty), and studies have shown that people who eat this flavor eat less than others, and feel of fullness faster.

Dark chocolate:

Yes, This wonderful truth is really indeed, something incredible, you can now my dear lady , enjoy the taste of dark chocolate without feeling guilty, if you got some of them during or after breakfast while you feel hungry in the morning? You will feel fullness for a longer time, and reduce your intake of calories in the subsequent meal by 17%. It is also rich in protein.

foods do not cause obesity

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