Control your high blood pressure without any drugs high blood pressure One of the age problems is th

Control your high blood pressure without any drugs

Control your high blood pressure without any drugs

high blood pressure
high blood pressure

high blood pressure

One of the age problems is the high blood pressure and the necessary things that we should measure blood pressure from time to another to make sure the health of the circulatory system but found that the blood pressure gauge between 120/80 and 139/89 should take the necessary to control high blood pressure before procedures turn in satisfactory condition,  lifestyle plays a big role in controlling blood pressure and that if you succeeded in controlling your lifestyle will succeed in controlling blood pressure

These are 10 ways to help control high blood pressure without the need for drugs

1. You must lose some weight:

Blood pressure always rises when you gain weight , as when you lose nearly 4.5 kilos of your weight will help you reduce your blood pressure. The weight loss increases the effectiveness of drugs that are dealt with in order to control blood pressure. You can go to the doctor so that sets you what is the weight that must be up to be your blood pressure at normal level

2. regular exercise:

The practice of regular physical activity for a period of 30 minutes to 60 minutes most days of the week to reduce high blood pressure and the effective and rapid effect on your blood pressure.

Talk with your doctor about exercise program guide so choose exercises that work best in your case as you are. Need some meditation exercises for 10 minutes a day

Beware of accumulation of each exercise in the weekend that the time you are thinking of saving time, this was a very bad plan .

3. healthy eating:

Eating foods from whole fruits, vegetables and grains with few unsaturated fats lead to a pressure drop automatically

 Enumerate daily menu: Write a list of what you will eat for a week so resist any sudden changes during the day will also allow you to monitor your food better, which gives you a better way to control high blood pressure

Interest rate of potassium in the blood:

Increase the proportion of potassium reduces the sodium effect in raising blood pressure. One of the best sources of potassium fruits and vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, yogurt, beans (legumes in general), bananas, tuna and chicken meat and other

You must consult a doctor in the level of potassium in your blood and what is best for you

4. Reduce the foods that contain sodium:

Sodium reduce the small amount reduces blood pressure significantly higher These are some of the observations that must be considered to reduce the ratio of sodium:
Monitor the amount of salt in your food: You must be careful through the menu you have prepared by

High blood pressure

5. Preventing smoking:

In addition to all the damage caused by smoking and inhalation of nicotine that it leads to high blood pressure. In order to reduce your blood pressure and maintain your health and protect yourself from cardiovascular disease should Preventing  and has a low-grade smoking

6. stay away from caffeine drinks:

The role played by drinks containing caffeine in effect on blood pressure is highly controversial. Intake of caffeine may lead to an escalation in the level of blood pressure but is not known is whether permanent or temporary effect

7. reduce the daily tension and pressure :

Daily stress and pressure caused blood pressure to rise temporarily. We should take a few minutes to calm down and think about on quite mind in order to reduce the tension and pressure of both the daily work, family or illness. Once you know what  causes you stress must know how to deal with him well

8. blood pressure monitor on a regular basis:

If you are already suffering from high blood pressure you may need to monitor your blood pressure level regularly at home and you must learn it without grumbling and talk to your doctor in this matter.

blood pressure control

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