Cozy Home remedies to get soft skin

Cozy Home remedies to get soft skin

soft skin

soft skin

After a day of fatigue and exhaustion, take care of your skin and attention to it so well; because they are affected by this fatigue,  “24 for health” provide you in the following tips of the popular beautician Tracey Malone to convert cumbersome and dull skin to healthy soft skin :
1. Make this natural mask that is simple to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion suffered by the skin:

the ingredients:
• 3 tablespoons of yogurt.
• tablespoon of honey.
• Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil.
• two drops of rose water.
• Mix the yogurt with honey, then add rose water and almond oil.
• Apply the mask on your face for a quarter of an hour, then Drain the mask using a wet piece of cloth with lukewarm water and circular movements of a light facial massage which will help skin to relax.
• After that put a towel in hot water, then put them on your face for 5 minutes to get fantastic smoothness and relaxation for the skin.

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•. For better relaxation of the skin of the feet you can do this natural recipe:
the ingredients:
• 3 tablespoons of coarse salt.
• 3 tablespoons of almond oil.
• teaspoon of essential oil of your favorite.
the steps:
Soak your feet in warm water, and Mix these ingredients well, then rub your feet gently in circular motions for five minutes, and in the end Wash your feet well to get soft feet-free of zones and cracks.
4.Now , you can  moisten your skin, if you have got sufficient energy, just moisten your entire body, and if you are tired you can simply moisten the face and neck skin, avocado is  of the best natural skin moisturizers, to moisturize your skin, you can mash an avocado and put it on your skin.
5. Tracey Malone advises you some simple tips to comfortable eyes, the ancients experts of beauty  were using cold milk for burdensome eye, all you have to do is to wet cold milk cotton, then put them on your eyes, and relax for 10 minutes, and wipe your eyes of wet cloth with cold water.

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