Tips to avoid the cold winter dryness of skin

Tips to avoid the cold winter dryness of skin .Winter is not just the cozy days where family gathers around the fire and chat .Winter could be a problem for some people that they have dry skin and may be cracking and damage .Here is some tips for those people to make their winter pleasant.

Winter dryness

Tips to avoid the cold winter dryness of skin

Save you money:

don’t spend a lot of money on skin products. a lot of the high prices products are for the packaging and marketing as the dermatologists said. the high price and the low price products always make the same purpose.

More and more moisture:

take care to moisturize your skin always. use the oil based lotions such as avocado oil, avoid the water base ones . water base moisturizers is better for usual use but at the winter your skin needs a special care

Winter dryness


Sunscreen is not just for summer it’s also important in winter because it protect your skin from damage apply it every 30 minutes when you are outside

Don’t forget gloves:

Wear wool gloves when you are outside to keep your hands warm. If you have any irritation, try to wear cotton one first.  Also wear gloves while doing your house work to keep your hands hydrated and moisturize.  Avoid the wet gloves and socks it may cause irritation and itching and probably eczema



Always use the humidifier. If you don’t have, think about get one small at every room or central humidifier because it keeps the moisture on your skin and prevent drying

Just healthy:

Unlike all think, drinking water make your skin hydrated and suppler, it’s not useful so mush. Despite drinking water is important for you, but you can drink your 12 glasses per day and you still have dry skin.

Never neglect your feet:

At winter you must try the petroleum jelly or glycerin lotions for your feet and exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin that helps you get deep and fast sinking

Soft and clean every day:

For your foaming daily cleanser try the milky or mild ones and use toner without alcohol if you want to put masks avoid the clay masks and replace it with deeply hydrating masks

Winter dryness

Avoid extreme hot baths:

Very hot water makes your skin even dryer although it feels so good at winter but it may damage your skin

Tips to avoid the cold winter dryness of skin