Intercourse benefits for the physical and psychological health

Intercourse benefits for the physical and psychological health

Intercourse benefits

Intercourse benefits

Intercourse benefits

It seems that an intercourse is not just an intimate relationship or marital life need, it is also the process gaining great importance to your health. Yes, believe it! Do you want to avoid heart disease and loss of a few extra kilos? If, there are facts you are aware  or may not be linked to your intimate life you are aware . what is it? Here are one of them.

3 times a week … additional 7 years
If intercourse is contributing to the improvement of the mood and gives you a sense of joy and relaxation, it is also very useful for your physical health. In this regard, English study pointed out at recent that intercourse involves a lot of benefits, including the prolongation of life. This study included about three thousand volunteers It pointed out that people who are intimate relationship three times a week felt much better at the level of their health and showed a decline of some of the disturbing symptoms that they suffer from it. French study also pointed out that people who are in that relationship twice a day over ten years are at risk of heart attack or stroke twice less than those who do not.

Intercourse benefits to your health

Useful tips: the process of sexual intercourse have very positive effect on heart health and immune system. It also contributes to the reduction of headaches and those resulting from migraine.  as the pleasure that result from intimacy lead to the secretion of endorphins on the body, which helps to relieve the pain. It also helps to get rid of depression and a sense of pressure and stress and improve sleep and reduce weight! and of course, all of us hope that.

Intercourse benefits for your life