Why don’t you try the Dry shear technology ?

Why don’t you try the Dry shear technology?

Dry shear technology

Dry shear technology

How many times you leave the salon and you are on the verge of tears and remorse dominates your thoughts! Of course , you lived this situation, and the reason that your new hairstyle and color that you make a fantasy image about them does not resemble the result you obtained by! The reason may be just you don’t cut your hair while it is dry .

Why this technique is not considered better than the traditional hair-cutting technique? Because the hair when it is wet , will be away from its realists nature and color , and what can seem to be so beautiful on the wet hair, could turn into a flawless when the hair dry and back to its normal shape. The reason is that the water weigh hair so it changes its thickness as well as length, as it hide the light tufts that must be the cut need to throws up more.

Dry shear technology tips

Dry shear technology is a professionally challenge for some hairdressers because they expose their skills and show the result directly on the mirror, without that enjoy a lot of opportunities for amendment. That does not mean that not to ask for it the next time, it will make a vast difference in the way your result assessment. It is useful also to learn that some professional hairdressers , dependent these two methods together, make the initial cut on wet hair , then fix it after drying and styling hair.

Dry shear technology guide